How to ask friends to be bridesmaids?

One might wonder why the majority of brides have bridesmaids at their wedding days. What is the purpose of having one or a bunch of them? Is it any helpful? Any benefits? The answer is obvious and can be expressed in a couple of sentences. Bridesmaids are a great source of aid for a bride and a groom. Not only are they an indescribable mental support for the two, especially the bride but also provide additional pairs of hand, of which there is never too many when it comes to the organization of the wedding. It has got so many aspects to it that the more people taking care of it, the better.

Listing just off the cuff, somebody has to deal with renting a restaurant or a hall for a wedding reception to take place. Somebody has to order flowers, fix decorations, rent a car. How about accommodation for wedding guests? The list could go on for a long time. It shows enough, however. Every kind of help for the couple is most welcome and each is highly appreciated, of course only when they give their consent. But how to ask friends to be bridesmaids? Consult the ways mentioned below.

If you wonder how to ask friends to be bridesmaids and cannot come up with any particular course of action, just send them lovely cards and short notes in which you can write in lofty words that you badly want them to be your bridesmaids. Such a way is highly advised for people who are too bashful to ask for such favors in one-to-one meetings. On the other hand, it is an employment of an almost forgotten way of communication. Messages sent via snail mail is deemed romantic and sincere. Why not use it?

Another method is to invite your prospective bridesmaid or bridesmaids for a fit for a king dinner on a Sunday afternoon. In such a friendly atmosphere, it is definitely easier to ask your friends for such a favor. They will for sure be happy to be of help and lend you their support, which is extremely important in the preparations and the proceedings of one’s wedding day, is it not?

How to ask friends to be bridesmaids? The simples answer is to say: effectively. Do what you are supposed to do so as to see your friend in a bridesmaid dress. It is an amazing view, just wait for it.

What are good themes for prom

You know how it is – there is going to be only one prom in your life. Sure, you can be invited to accompany somebody else many times, but you are only a guest then. A real prom happens only once in a lifetime. Therefore, organizers should do what they can to make it unique and unforgettable. The participants have to know that every single cent they have paid for it was worth it. Now, organizing a prom is not as simple as you would think, however, there is one way to make sure that everything goes OK. You can have a themed prom. Everyone loves them and they are fun to take part in. So, what are good themes for prom?

First of all, ‘the roaring 20s’ theme never gets old. Who doesn’t love the jazz music and the distinct fashion of these days? Men can wear impressive suits and fedoras, which can be completed by wearing old-fashioned coats. Obviously, you cannot forget about a suit vest. It was an irreplaceable part of this outfit. Moreover, think about wearing a bow tie. When it comes to girls, the looks a’la Marilyn Monroe is obviously the way to go. Despite her being famous a couple of decades later, her style was very similar to the one prevalent during the roaring 20s.

But what are good themes for prom apart from the good, old roaring 20s? You may be surprised but the Wild West theme is a great idea as well. At first, it may seem to be a bit childish or immature, but the truth is that 18 years old people have not yet forgotten what does it mean to be a child and have fun like a child. Therefore, boys should dress like cowboys, with boots, jeans, vests, and hats fitting this type of fashion, and girls could wear loose dresses and bonnets.

Finally, there is always the option of making a hippie-themed prom. Actually, it is a perfect theme for a party. Think of it: colorful outfits, lively music, and the possibility for some cool contests. Girls may wear filmy dresses and home-made, flower garlands, boy can wear colorful trousers, flower shirts, and home-made, funny necklaces. Then, you can organize a contest for the most original garland and necklace, providing everyone with tons of fun.

What are good themes for prom? The roaring 20s, the Wild West, and the hippie style. But make sure to announce the theme very early because someone may already buy her prom dress and these things aren’t cheap.

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10 songs for quinceanera celebration

A quinceanera celebration cannot not pertain to the status of an ideal one without a proper selection of songs that is to be played. You cannot choose the play list for such a big day in a haphazard way as such a careless behaviour can lead to a disaster. Hence, you should talk this matter over with your parents who can give you a helpful suggestion which songs are worth including on your final compilation. Certainly, 10 songs for quinceanera celebration should be included on your play list.

When it comes to the songs that could be played during your entrance, there are four songs that should be considered. The first song that has to be put is ‘I got a feeling’ by BEP. There is no better energy booster than this piece so you can be one hundred per cent sure that the moment your guests hear it they will run straight to a dance floor. The power of this song lies in its simplicity which will appeal to all people gathered. Another song that you have to serve your guests for an entrance is ‘I am coming out’ by Diana Ross. This song is also an energetic bomb and frees loads of positive emotions so do not be surprised seeing your relatives and friends jumping, clapping and enjoying a magic spell of this song. Additionally, you should play ‘Isn’t she lovely’ by Stevie Wonder as this is a favourite piece of all people. Also, include on your entrance songs ‘Vals de las Mariposas’ by Danny Daniel. It is an oldie that is still popular because of its melody and lyrical content that is why you should not resign from it.

It is not enough to pick songs for your entrance as some pieces have to be opted for a father-daughter dance which is the most significant moment during the whole celebration as it shows a birthday girl as the one who grew up to be a beautiful swan that can protect herself. The importance of this dance has to stressed through a proper selection of songs. ‘My Girl’ by Temptations, ‘My Little Girl’ by Tim McGraw, ‘You are my special Angel’ by Bobby Helms, ‘My Wish’ by Rascal Flans and ‘Tiempo de Vals’ by Chayanne should be included on your list as there are abundant in sentimental overtones that are suitable to the actual moment.

As it can be seen, there are 10 songs for quinceanera celebration that you should not forget to have on your own birthday party. Bear in mind that a proper selection of songs is half of success to have an amazing celebration, another half of success entirely depends on your choice of quinceanera dress.

Famous buildings in Germany

Hunters of good architecture have a several places to go in Europe. After all, the majority of European countries are very old, therefore, they have been through all of the architectural styles. Each and every era in their development has left an eternal manifesto in form of buildings. No country showcases that phenomenon better than Germany. Having over a thousand of years, it has been the place of some great constructions. Take a look at this small selection of famous buildings in Germany in order to get the basic idea of what you can expect when visiting this country.

When visiting Trier, you probably wouldn’t suspect that you will be able to see a great example of the Roman architecture there. Back in 200AD, there was a Roman city built there, and at its entrance there was a gate that was later dubbed Porta Nigra. Although the city has not made it until today, the gate has been preserved in almost perfect condition. Therefore, tourists who would like to admire this style of architecture don’t have to go to hot Greece or Italy in order to see the wonders of the antiquity.

The number one from the list of the most famous buildings in Germany was not built in a year or two. In fact, the Cologne Cathedral was under construction for over 600 years. When the project took off in 1248 but was stopped in 1473. Only in the 19th century the construction was resumed according to the original plans to be finished in 1880. Now, being in its full glory, the cathedral attracts 20,000 tourists not every year, not every month, not even every week, but every day! This cathedral is a great example of Gothic architecture and thanks to the fact that the plans were never altered there are no influences of later periods in this building.

The third item on our list will takes us to the period of modernity. In Potsdam you will find an astrophysical observatory that is unlike any other. The Einstein Tower, named after its original purpose of checking the validity of Einstein’s theory, was design so as to resemble a expressionist piece of art. The unique look of the building makes it a perfect place to see during your time-travel holidays.

Germany is definitely a country that you should see if you would like to witness how the architecture in Europe has been developing. It is also the place to see how the most impressive, modern skyscrapers, built with the help of online project management software, are constructed. Indeed, a true paradise for architecture lovers.

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Pita bread dinner ideas

Have you noticed that your family is tired of eating the same things for dinner? What you should be aware of is that even the most delicious cheese pancakes with whipped cream or tasty pork chops with potatoes and a vegetable salad can become your family’s hated food if you serve them far too often. Thus, start seeking cooking inspiration in cook books that can give you lots of dinner ideas. If you have no time to waste to prepare sophisticated dishes for dinner, you can pick easier in preparation dinner recipes. On closer observation, you may say that pita bread dinner ideas are those that are both time-saving and making your dinner more than yummy. Preparing your dinner using pita cannot make this meal boring as pita bread can be filled in various ways.

The first way you can serve your pita is with lamb meatballs. Make sure that lamb you buy is fresh and of best quality as old meat can spoil your dinner feast. Then, season your meat properly. Do not be afraid to use pepper, curry and spices of your preference in a larger quantity as the key to make lip-smacking food lies in spices which can liven up your meals to a great degree. Also, you should add some fresh ripe tomatoes and a bunch of parsley to your lamb meatballs. To make your meal taste even better make a savoury sauce of your liking.

Another way you can serve pita is with a Greek salad. If your family is fascinated by Greek cuisine, you can be sure that they take to that kind of composition. To be certain that your Greek salad will be scrumptious, you must pick the best quality vegetables as tasteless tomatoes can spoil the taste of this salad. Hence, choose with great care tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives and oregano. Do not spare your efforts to find a yummy feta cheese. Form a nice pocket out of pita and tuck in your filling.

Also, you may serve your pita bread with chicken schnitzel. Double your efforts to season chicken properly as a proper seasoning is half a success to a lovely dinner. Prepare some salad of your liking with chicken in breadcrumbs. If your family members are into radishes, tomatoes and paprika, make a salad using those ingredients.

As it can be seen, there are many pita bread ideas at your disposal. All you have to do is not to be afraid to experiment with pita bread. How about treating your cooking as a kind of exploration ground? Make cooking recipes of your own which may not be that difficult as long as you activate your imagination. Let your imagination run wild in pursuit of pita bread recipes.

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